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With the freshest move of Spring, comes the first international artist announcement for STB: Ogazón

The seasons are shifting and the winds of change ring excitedly through the air. Already we look out towards the fun waiting around the corner. In a breath of that very same excited current, SmallTown Beat have announced Ogazón as their first international artist for 2022

With a focus on captivating presence and passion, the STB team have pulled out all the stops bringing German based DJ Ogazón in as their first international act. Although SmallTown Beat primarily concentrates on establishing the incredible local music industry, bringing exciting international acts serves in putting the best of our scene in conjunction with an international level as well as providing something fresh and new for our crowds. .

“While A DJ is largely asssessed on their sound, it is their presence, their energy that truly captivates. If you don’t believe in a DJ, you won’t believe in their sound.”

Ogazón is an artist that exudes such energy. Releasing inhibitions and pouring herself totally into her performances. This unbridled passion is paired with a sonic palette that would, and has gained approval from the most stout of purists. Originally from Luxembourg, having cut her teeth in Amsterdam’s underground, she now resides in Berlin.

Not bound to a sound in particular, her rhythms find inspiration in the eclectic and somewhat wilder characteristics of the city. A staple on line ups, she’s quickly risen to be a firm favourite with regular shows for top promoters and venues. In a career littered with highlights, 2022 saw her receive her first of what is likely to be many invitations to play the infamous Panorama Bar. Bringing her infectious energy and rhythms to Smalltown Beat we are incredibly excited to host an artist who is so truly in love with what she does.”

“Not bound to a sound in particular, Ogazón’s
rhythms find inspiration in the eclectic and somewhat wilder characteristics of the city.”

We’ll be bringing you the best coverage, details and announcements from STB 2022 so keep yourself buckled in and don’t forget to check out our Collective profiles coming out each week here.

For more of Ogazón’s mixes to pump you up for SmallTown, listen below.