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Written byJosh Raynham

“‘Last Time’ came to me one night when I was feeling very low, and I finally wrote something I didn’t hate.”

After spending two years on a break from releasing music Los Angeles-based pop prince Lovpune comes out with her new release ‘Last Time’, a song which takes one on a journey through her mind with a mixture of ethereal pop tones and drum and bass elements. The soft vocals contrast perfectly with the liquid drum and bass creating a smooth mixture of heartfelt lyrics with a continuous beat line. The vocals and melody really carry the song to make you feel as if you are floating through the sky.

“In a nutshell, it’s about the last night I spent with someone before having to break things off. I had to rip my own heart out because the desire to be with them wasn’t as strong as my desire to be loved the way I knew I deserved. so basically…another sappy breakup song lol.”

Living now in the City of Angels Lovpune has been making music since the age of 15, where she started her journey sharing tracks on SoundCloud. She carried her talents through several different bands experimenting with a range of sounds and genres of music, eventually finding her niche in alternative synth-pop. Her sounds produce a unique experience that is both dreamlike and captivating and as an independent artist, her ability to write and produce her own music allows her the space to experiment with a plethora of sounds.

Her debut EP, “By Design, ” is set to release in October but for now, come step into the hyper-surreal world of Lovpune and experience her unique sound for yourself!

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