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Written byJosh Raynham

Jung create music to connect with their audience, mixing different genres as they search for influence through the eras.

Indie-pop duo Jung return with their latest single “Something Beautiful“! Reminiscent of the sounds from the 80s and 90s, Jung brings in that classic synth sound accompanied by those funky guitar riffs that scream modern pop.The

Swedish duo, comprised of brothers Tom and Henrik Ljungqvist, allows their music to transcend genres and embrace a fusion of timeless melodies. Their captivating sound seamlessly blends modern dance-pop with folk and R&B influences. Often accompanied by a warm summery sound their music evokes a warm and vibrant atmosphere that brings to mind the likes of Majid Jordan, Bon Iver, and 1975

Strong passion and determination are something the brothers have in common, and they constantly want to evolve, both as artists and songwriters. Regardless of the theme in their songs—love, melancholy, or the apocalypse—the music from Jung is infused with hope and light.

Released on the 2nd of June, Jung’s latest single “Something Beautiful” is accompanied by a music video inspired by the classic American TV series 90210. Their EP, She, will be released on October 29th via Universal Music Sweden. On the EP, listeners will also find the laid-back song ‘Sweet October’. Jung’s evolution and ability to captivate their audience remain undeniable. Their passion for the sound is what makes this duo undeniably talented artists.

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