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Written byFreddie Hiney

Powered by the Gods they are here to feed your heart and soul with nothing but Rock ‘n Roll.

The Good News Dudes are four talented musicians rooted together in Rock n’ Roll, and like all great bands, they’ve just released a scintillating song and soon a comically brilliant music video. In fact, by the time you’ve read this, you’ll be able to watch it on any screen near you. I insist you do just that.
Inspired by the late hit TV show CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, their debut single, CSI, offers a lens to their creative mastery. While humour is rife within the video – filmed by Daniel Duval – listening between the lines, you’ll notice a mature tone of bold riffs and seismic sounds.
Born in Wilderness, an idyllic town nestled in the Garden Route, The Good News Dudes are a dynamic group renowned for curating electrifying dancefloors, amplified by lead guitarist and singer JP Olivier. But don’t forget the flair of bassist Pat Cole, guitarist Artem Zubarev, and drummer Matt Bolttler – each adds a signature style to this rock-infused concoction.
Just ask Cape Town, where they lit up several spots on their ‘Feb You No Worry’ tour. And with songs like ‘Surfing All Day’, ‘Good News’, and ‘ACDC’ yet to be released, this is only the beginning; for now, lock your doors, hide the keys, and enjoy the visual and audio masterpiece of CSI.
Special mentions go to:
Donald Clark
Dangerous Dave
Freddie (stunt driver)
Daniel & The Dudes

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