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Written bySaien Benjamin

Dover Lynn Fox self-reflects on ethereal new release “When Youth Was Wasted”. 

On the 5th of April, Canadian Indie Pop songstress Dover Lynn Fox released her latest single, the heartfelt Americana Pop hit, “When Youth Was Wasted”. The melodic single is an ode to growth at a fitting time, as 2024 gets into full swing. The melodic acoustic guitar riff, steady drums and smooth saxophone provide the perfect support to Dover’s powerful yet wistful vocals. The lyrics are poignant and her storytelling is incredibly captivating, grasping my attention from start to finish. Dover wrote the song during a cold Canadian winter whilst reminiscing about summer.

Winter came to represent hindsight as she reflected on blue waves, road trips, sunsets and the people who made her summer memorable. Dover reflects on the track saying “As I continued to write, winter came to represent hindsight and the times at which you second guess yourself, and the summer came to represent the choices and the things you’ve done; the people you have remained with and those you have broken away from. Sometimes it’s hard to know if you’re doing the right and on the right path. It’s about never wanting to look back and believing your youth was wasted.”

Dover Lynn Fox

Dover Lynn Fox blends Indie-pop, Folk, and Rock, crafting songs that resonate with melody and depth. Raised in Canada with a soundtrack of diverse musical influences, her music weaves tales of both struggle and triumph, drawing profound inspiration from nature’s splendour. Her sound—both serene and bold—is marked by her potent, yet reflective voice. Dover anchors her poignant lyrics in a sound that honours legendary artists like Neil Diamond, The Mamas and the Papas, and Fleetwood Mac, staples of her childhood home’s playlist.

I am fascinated to see where Dover goes next in her promising music career, as an artist with such versatility and incredible vocal ability. I will definitely be keenly awaiting her upcoming EP Low Moon and can’t wait to see what she has in store next. If you enjoy Alternative Pop, Indie Folk or Americana, this track is most certainly worth a listen. Go give “When Youth Was Wasted” a listen on your streaming platform of choice.

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