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Written byJosh Raynham

The queer producer and alt-pop frontrunner releases his reworking of Chinwe’s hit single.

In 2017, the  DOV project was born in Brooklyn – putting his own stamp on alt-pop, the eclectic project focuses on the many aspects of his life as a Queer, Jewish immigrant.

The son of a left-wing political activist, DOV migrated to NYC from Tel Aviv’s conflicted ideals, as they didn’t fit the life that he wanted to lead as a queer liberal musician and artist. Encapsulating his experience in NYC’s LGBTQ community, his unique production style has been described as “music that glistens with contrasting textures”.

In his latest release DOV applies his eclectic production to alternative R&B artist Chinwe’s beloved hit “Something Beautiful”. The original version of “Something Beautiful” is a vibrant, resonant and memorable number which DOV then channels using high percussion and hyper-pop sounds, delivering a moody and undeniably catchy continuation of the original song. Popular outlet Cool Hunting also quotes, “Though identity drives the track, its musical landscape makes the entire experience powerful.”

Reminiscent of Rainbow Kitten Surprises’ iconic indie folk sound, ‘Something Beautiful” brilliantly embodies the dark side of a bittersweet moment. While each crescendo delivers an impactful presence to the song’s melodic tempo and allows for the listener to be carried through each line effortlessly.

“Chinwe’s original song has something “sweet and smooth” about it and the production is more on the chill vibe. When me and Chinwe talked about doing a remix for the song I knew that I wanted to give it a whole new interpretationk, a  “DOV’s way” so to speak, and through that show the power of production and how a different production can take the song to a totally different place.” – DOV

Capturing an acceptance of the fact that a beautiful moment might not last, the remix dives deep into the euphoric distress that a ‘live for the moment’ message might cause. While the moment is enticing, it is brief and DOV does not waste time putting his stamp on it.

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