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Written bySaien Benjamin

Daemon showcases his lyrical mastery and unique sound with “Credit Check”

Daemon’s latest track, “Credit Check,” is a fiery testament to his unwavering commitment to authentic Hip-Hop. I was immediately captivated by Daemon‘s distinctive flow and the fiery pace of his rapping. He pulls no punches, coming in hot with the opening bars “If I tell you what I’m thinking would you be afraid? Thats rhetorical you’re boring as PSA,” letting us know he’s not afraid to call out mediocre competition. 

Produced by Trackstar the DJ from Run the Jewels, it is a haunting banger that sets the stage for Daemon’s biting lyricism. From the moment the beat drops, it’s evident that we are in for something special. He wastes no time in challenging the status quo, taking on shallow conventions, and exposing the pretenders and inauthentic artists who litter the Rap game and if we’re speaking truthfully there are far too many.

What sets Daemon apart is his undeniable conviction. His lyrics hit hard, and you can feel the passion and sincerity in every word he spits. It’s a refreshing departure from the sea of rappers who lack genuine substance in their music. His innovation and creativity shine through, making “Credit Check” a standout track in today’s hip-hop landscape.

His ability to adapt and evolve is nothing short of impressive. He’s not content with sticking to one style or formula. Instead, he’s constantly pushing the boundaries of the genre. Whether he’s weaving heartfelt stories, as he did in “Letter to My Best Friend,” or showcasing his speed and agility over old-school soul breaks, as in “Feel Good,” he consistently keeps listeners on their toes.

“Credit Check” is the latest addition to an already impressive catalog, which includes tracks like “Vader” and “Turn the World Around.” These songs have earned him a dedicated fan base and well-deserved recognition. From being featured in Xbox games to powerful ACLU ads, Daemon’s music has left its mark on various platforms.

It’s worth noting that Daemon has also collaborated with notable artists like Killer Mike and DJ Shadow and. His versatility and ability to connect with audiences across different mediums have solidified his status as a true hip-hop luminary. His authenticity and unwavering commitment to his craft continue to make him a standout artist in the genre. If you’re searching for hip-hop with substance and conviction, look no further than Daemon and his latest track, “Credit Check.”

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