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Written byJosh Raynham

Bringing back the sound of the 70’s, Echo Thrills merges the modern with the past.

The brainchild of Stockholm native Oskar Jennefors, Echo Thrills draws inspiration from a wide range of genres to create a sound that echoes the soul, disco, and psychedelic rock of the 70s. His music is characterised by distinct grooves, swirly baselines, and playful psychedelic funk elements meant to transport you into the mind of Jennefors and take you on a journey into a universe of his own creation.

With this new sound, Echo Thrills aims to take steps in new directions as Jennefors moves to forge new beginnings with his music. This, he hopes, will take listeners on their own journey through his music and creative mind.

Out of his debut EP, being released next month through Platoon Records, his single “Birds” relates to “another one of those love songs”. Simply put, it is about the thrill of falling for someone head over heels. The phrase “when the birds sing” is another way of describing the sensation of falling in love. With a funky bass line, the song mixes a blend of soul and disco, topped with a pinch of indie rock.

Oskar’s ethereal voice complements the smooth riffs and synth sounds that accompany every second of the song. With each note played, the music seems to flow through you as you drift away into the mind of Echo Thrills and the sound that he has created.