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Written bySaien Benjamin

Georgia Lines’ latest single “Romeo” is a timeless Synth-Pop hit

Multi-talented New Zealand artist Georgia Lines last week released a nostalgic Synth-Pop anthem with a modern twist in “Romeo”. The ethereal soundscape she creates is reminiscent of Imogen Heap’s groundbreaking work, blended with the pop sensibilities of the likes of Kylie Minogue. The award-winning Aotearoan artist gracefully treads the path between Pop anthems and her own brand of refreshingly different Synth music.

Following the triumph of her previous chart-topper, “Monopoly,” “Romeo” is a stadium-ready spectacle that effortlessly blends 80s-inspired synths, layered vocals, and hook-laden choruses. From the first listen, it was clear that Lines is carving her own distinctive niche in the Pop-soundscape, with her authentic style.

““For just one time in my life, I wanna feel like Romeos standing there with a rose

-Georgia Lines – Romeo

The lyrics of “Romeo” unravel universal themes of relationship tensions, juxtaposing the allure of romantic fantasies with the stark realities of love. Lines explains, “The track is about the reality of the tensions you can sometimes feel in a relationship and wanting the ease of the ‘Romeo’ fantasy.” Her exploration of these themes is one that many are sure to relate to.

The collaborative genius behind the song is evident in the partnership between Lines and co-writer/producer Joseph Farris. Their creative synergy, evident in the meticulous crafting of the track, resulted in a sonic journey that almost ended before it saw the light of day. Thankfully despite the struggles involved this beautiful track made it to our ears.

Having earned accolades such as the AMA Breakthrough Artist of the Year and chart-topping success with “Monopoly,” Georgia Lines continues her ascent in the music industry. The announcement of her first US tour, coupled with the upcoming debut album, fuels the anticipation surrounding her next move. As “Romeo” marks the end of a chapter for Lines, it stands as a testament to her prowess as a songwriter and performer, leaving fans eager for what she has in store for them next.

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