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I often took over the aux in Ubers and at parties.

The rest kind of naturally evolved.

You ever watch Zac Efron’s We Are Your Friends and think “wow, what a truly shocking movie?”

We all did.

But sadly there’s a lot to be said from it. Shitty EDM and men still dominate DJing, locally and internationally, with very few of these DJ’s ever actually earning the title of Selector – the type of DJ who effortlessly blends genres and tracks in the artistry of creating an almost unspoken narrative of feelings and emotions, that just set your body alight with nostalgia and joy.

Lady Adi (@ladyadii) is one of those golden selectors, who with tons of style and panache, has fast become one of our favourite acts in Cape Town. Celebrating her and Womxn’s month, we wanted to shine a light on this roundhouse kick of funk and groove of a human being.

23-year-old Adrienne – better known as Adi – didn’t find her way into the music industry intentionally, but rather by following her ever-growing love for the craft.

“My passion for music is what kick-started my DJ career. Music has always been a big part of my life and I’ve always been amazed by the emotion it provokes. Listening to an old song can literally transport me back into another time.”

“I’ve always spent a lot of time trolling the internet, finding new artists and exploring new genres. About a year or two ago though I found myself listening to a lot of dance music. I often took over the aux in Ubers and at parties. The rest kind of naturally evolved.”

From a selection of playlists on her Spotify to influence your day, to her residency at Hanks Olde Irish; Lady Adi is carving out a name for herself as dangerous voltage behind the decks.

Listen to our CCC specially curated mix by Lady Adi on Spotify, to get your fix of something to keep you moving and grooving – Here’s the link.

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