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Written bySaien Benjamin

K.Keed Continues To Excite With New Banger “Stru”

Local Hip-Hop superstar K.Keed has dropped another banger with her latest single “Stru”. Showcasing her technical proficiency, with immaculate lyricism and entertaining flows this track will grab your attention. The heavy Trap production features booming 808s and a driving bassline which provide a perfect complement for her distinctive voice.

From the moment the captivating chorus hits you’re immediately drawn in. The infectious production and immaculate verses showcase her unique style and leave you nodding your head to the beat. “Stru” is a Xhosa slang word that means “I Promise” and K.Keed always delivers on her promises of providing good music for her fans with her consistently brilliant output. I was eagerly waiting for this track, and it did not disappoint.

Born and raised in Gugulethu, K.Keed has rapidly become one of the most streamed female Hip-Hop artists in South Africa, and with “Stru,” she cements her position as a force to be reckoned with in the local music scene. Her music resonates strongly with audiences, and this track is no exception. It’s evident that her authenticity and consistent ability to challenge the norms are what make her stand out.

She shared her inspiration behind the single, mentioning how the beat instantly grabbed her attention and sparked the idea for a fun and catchy track. She cleverly blends her sound with Afro-Trap, adding her unique flavour to create something special.

Showcasing her technical proficiency, with immaculate lyricism and entertaining flows this track will grab your attention.

The chorus of “Stru” becomes an anthem for manifesting her desires and aspirations, with the word “stru” being chanted as if to bring these dreams to life. It’s distinctive and memorable, just like K.Keed’s as an artist.

As a female hip-hop artist, she has had to face misconceptions in the industry. However, she fearlessly defies these stereotypes, proving that she can rap as well as any male artist. Her music goes beyond superficial themes and showcases her life experiences and desires, creating a relatable connection with her fans, especially those from the township who might have gone through similar experiences.

The track is a testament to K.Keed’s authenticity and raw talent. As a people’s person, she genuinely loves to see her fans happy, and this single is undoubtedly bringing joy to her fan base. The anticipation for the track has been more than she expected, and its reception has been nothing short of amazing.

“Stru” is a banger that showcases her unique style and her ability to create music that resonates deeply with her audience. I have no doubt that K.Keed will continue her electric rise to the top and continue to be a mainstay in the local Hip-Hop and steadily gain more recognition internationally too.