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Written byJosh Raynham

Jet Vesper, the funky singer/producer/writer behind a brand-new sonic adventure that’s is intimate as it is infectious!

Jet Vesper is a fresh new project born with an intimate funky sound. We could say that listening to Jet Vesper is like travelling back in time to 1973 on top of the hills of L.A. With a groovy flair Jet’s musical concoction promises a future drenched in sunshine from where we can see the sky and the ocean melt together in a purple haze. A place where we can discover Fujop* while carrying a towel over our shoulder and feeling the warmth of the sunset. Also, If time travelling could take us to the future, we’d find ourselves on the same hill where Curtis Mayfield woud meet Daft Punk in 2030.

Originally from the world, and constantly moving between Australia, England, Spain and the US, Jet Vesper creates a vibe that feels like home.

This songwriter, singer, guitarist, and producer melds all these talents, reading the atmosphere for feelings to bring people together throught the joy of music. His name is derived from The Jetsons and the famous cocktail. The perfect mix to soften and lighten modern hearts. His melodies are crafted with the finesse of a mixologist, leaving Earmilk insisting he is “perfect for an evening soiree”.

Jet has had What About Us? under his fingers for over a year.

“It wasn’t until I met Ona Mafalda
that everything clicked.”

The pair have captured a fresh take on what it is to be dating in 2023. “It is the self-doubt mixed with endless possibilities; just keep on swiping. It’s exciting and bleak.” This song is a sip of Jet Vesperʼs second LP which is set for release in early 2024.

Ona Mafalda, a rising singer-songwriter with a unique blend of Spanish, British, and Bulgarian influences, released her debut Spanish EP, “Bailando Sin Sentido,” in April 2021. Drawing comparisons to artists like Lana del Rey and Florence and The
Machine, she’s become a promising name in Spanish pop. Her performance opening for Coldplay and hit singles like “Rotos” and “Que Se Acabe Ft Delaporte”
have further solidified her presence in the music scene!

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