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Written bySaien Benjamin

Born Soul showcases his impeccable penmanship and willingnes to experiment on “Caesar”

I can’t wait to see what Born Soul has to offer on his upcoming January EP Vybe King, having given us an exciting glimpse with his recent single “Caesar“. The track finds him exploring independence and self-reliance. This musical piece serves as a poignant advisory, reminding listeners that they are the sovereigns of their minds, bodies, and spaces.

From the get-go Born Soul shows his lyrical prowess and a smooth flow that is somewhat reminiscent of Andre 3000 in how gracefully he rides the beat. His storytelling is engaging and creative and had me hooked throughout the whole track. The production provides a perfect match for the vocals with distinctive kick drums and seamlessly synthesized sounds from the foundation, complemented by funky samples that add a layer of depth to the overall composition.

Discovered by an emerging record executive during a casual demo session, Born Soul secured full financial backing to bring his musical vision to life. Despite the initial setbacks of his debut album, “From the Beginning to the End,” he persevered. Undeterred, he co-founded Born Soul Productions with two partners, leading to the successful release of the compilation album, “Alumnyh.”

His dedication to his craft extends beyond personal success. His involvement in producing and arranging DJ intros for the local community radio station, KAZI 88.7 FM in Austin, Texas, reflects a commitment to the art and the people it resonates with. In his own words, “I love making music. I make music for the people, the listener, not the radio—that’s what keeps me going.”

Born Soul has emerged as a unique artist, embodying the spirit of an evolving Hip-Hop scene and defying conventional genres. His music transcends boundaries, seamlessly merging styles and dismantling the rule book, creating an immersive experience that erases tribal lines of demarcation. “Caesar” stands as a testament to his distinctive sound and his unwavering dedication to craft.

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