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Written byTorsten du Toit

Ëva’s new Synth-Driven Track Tells the Story of Pain and the Growth That Accompanies It.

Releasing the fourth track of her career – and year – Ëva is making waves with her unique soundscape, which I could only describe as ethereal Electro Pop. The track, titled “Reflective Words” boasts a punchy synth-based soundscape, which contrasts the darker tones of the lyricism. ëva goes into detail: “Reflective Words’ is my newest single. It’s about an abusive relationship and how easy it is for someone to project their insecurities onto someone else so that they might feel bigger and stronger. I’m really proud of this one.” With an underground production style that is hard to come across, it’s bound to catch your attention easily.

Chloë Eva, under her stage name Ëva, is an electronic pop artist from Pretoria, South Africa. Ëva’s songs run through the reality of human emotions and issues ranging from mental health, addiction, love, and abuse based on her first- and second-hand experiences. “If you had told me a year ago that I would be producing and publishing my own music, I honestly would have laughed in your face. Going into something like this, the first few attempts/products aren’t going to be jaw-dropping, and that’s okay. Just keep doing your thing and remember that stuff like this is a process.”

“I’m also so beyond thankful for the people around me, I
wouldn’t have even thought of picking up a microphone and
recording if it weren’t for my support system. I’m very blessed.”

Ëva has always had a natural aptitude for music and her singing. She follows this up with a quote: “I remember being a small girl singing my heart out to popular artists like Adele. A couple of years ago I started listening to this Electronic Pop band called Crystal Castles and I immediately fell in love. It’s one of the most fulfilling feelings to resonate with thousands of people through music. I personally feel this way with many genres of music, but that’s what I would like to do for other people, give them a sense of hope because sometimes we feel that music is the only ‘person’ that listens and understands especially when things get really tough.”

“Reflective Words” is a go-to track for those looking for strength at any stage of their pain. Juxtaposed with the upbeat production, the single becomes an empowering anthem on personal growth, with the message being how recovery and change are possible – as well as how that opens up your life to so many beautiful opportunities. Check out Ëva’s track, Reflective Words, on streaming platforms, out now.

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