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Written byNadia Hassim

Gelareh’s Debut Single “Fool’s Errand” is a Bedroom Pop Dream. 

Do you ever do something that you know will come back to bite you in the ass later but you just can’t stop yourself? Gelareh sure does. In her debut single, Fool’s Errand, she sings in a catchy chorus with a lilting voice, “Falling for your eyes baby, I’ve just been a little crazy…”

Hailing from Iran, a country where women are monitored strictly on what they can and cannot do, Gelareh moved away at the tender age of 17 and relocated to the States. She left her family behind and sacrificed a lot to get the right to sing and have people hear her music. Fool’s Errand was made in collaboration with a close friend of hers, Alex Sprangler. The two met at the University of Arts in Philadelphia where she honed her craft by studying music and majoring in vocals and studio music production. A follow-up single by the two will be released on the 29th of September called Hero.

Fool’s Errand is a charming song about learning to let go of a relationship that was destined to fail from the beginning. It’s an anthem for anybody who’s ever been in an unhealthy relationship but desperately wanted it to work out.

The minute I heard it I quickly added it to multiple playlists of mine (such as my personal favourite, “Songs that make me feel like the main character in an indie movie”) and could easily see it on Spotify’s popular Bedroom Pop playlist.

The instrumentals on the track blend smoothly with Gelareh’s voice similar to Billie Eilish’s– soft, almost-whispery and in a way that makes me want more. As a drummer, I appreciate the chorus the most with its electronic beats accompanied by the guitar riffs that give it a groove. But the pre-chorus is something to marvel too. The change of drums to a half-time signature makes it feel otherworldly, kinda like you’re floating in space. The single is made sweeter by the fact that the cover is actually a painting made by her mother.

With Fool’s Errand on repeat, I’ll be (im)patiently waiting for Friday to roll around to hear Hero. 

And if you have any sense of taste, you will too.

Pre-save it here to avoid missing out!

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