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Written byAziza Toeffie

Nia Chennai drops”Wasting Time” marking her third single release of the year.

Nia Chennai dropped her latest single ‘Wasting Time’ September 12th and already had me belting out the lyrics in the shower without missing a beat. The track has an infectious melody accompanied by flawless vocals and a clean progression. This single gives a whole new meaning to ‘single’ in general. In essence, she sheds light on the difficulties of navigating love, relationships and dating in 2023. Say R.I.P to the ‘talking stage’ and make room for accountability, clarity and healthy connections. Nia wastes no time in showing us how important it is to know intention right off the bat. 

Produced by the talented Mont Jake, the track emanates a head-bopping, mid-tempo vibe that effortlessly encapsulates the essence of summer in 2023. Through this song, Nia delves into the realm of emotions, expressing her exasperation with a romantic interest who remains ambiguous about his feelings towards her. She asserts her demand for a meaningful connection, refusing to have her time frittered away.

The track boasts an infectious chorus that readily lodges itself in the listener’s mind, complemented by sing-rap elements within the verses, a hallmark of Nia’s signature style. Merging R&B and Neo-Soul influences, the song artfully incorporates elements from the realm of commercial pop, resulting in a harmonious blend that has the power to resonate with any discerning ear.

“Wasting Time” is not only a musical composition but also a piece of soulful storytelling that invites listeners to explore the complexities of relationships and self-assurance.

Born in ‘01, hailing from South London, Nia Chennai has spent years honing her craft and she is now ready to take the UK music industry by storm! She continues with her R&B/Neo-Soul sound as she delivers on a smooth rhythmic vibe on the production of “Since We Ain’t Together”, produced by Ewan Vickery. The release of “Since We Ain’t Together” follows the well-received debut single “Players Part” released in October 2022. Her latest single (S.W.A.T.) talks about Nia Chennai gaining newfound confidence after a breakup. The smooth vibe delivers a message that most, if not all ex-lovers can relate to.

The track delivers on every aspect with a catchy hook, soothing backing vocals, and a beat reminiscent of the sounds of Kali Uchis/Anderson Paak or Lilly Allen. Nia Chennai has been in the studio working tirelessly with some of the UK’s finest producers, ready to release more music in 2023. The planned release of a debut EP promises to bring a very exciting year for Nia so, let’s see what she brings to the table. Whatever it is, we’re definitely here for it!

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