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Written byNick Trethowan

“Heather” is a love ballad to addiction, nostalgia and all that which we can’t control.

Following her recent single, “Open Arms” which showcased her soulful flare and why she has been receiving critical acclaim, Ruby Waters is out with a live version of her heart-achingly beautiful ballad, “Heather“.

Hailing from the small town of Shelburne, Ontario, Ruby Waters’ journey is much like her music – eclectic, always evolving, and unfeigned. An Indigenous person born to two artists, music has always been a familiar presence to her. Now, as a young artist setting out on her own, Ruby Waters is ready to unapologetically plug-in, belt out, and leave you in awe.

Heather” is raw and vibrant and a perfect showcase for Ruby Water’s vocal prowess. Stunning control and beautiful lyricism, her beautiful voice coaxes you in. Over a simple strummed acoustic, her raspy vocals bend and crack with a yearning for a time that is no more and a feeling that was too good. In the live performance video, (watch below) the darkened room filled with votive candles embodies the haunted and tortured feeling that Ruby Waters so effortlessly brings to the fore of this song.

Having fast become one of our favourite artists this year and this song being on repeat for days, we can’t wait for more Ruby.