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Written byJosh Raynham

“Finding yourself drawn through the rocky labyrinths, a mesmerising display of the secrets of time…”

When one steps into a place of true magic, that magic surrounds them. This magic can be a place, a person, or a feeling. Each step you take to surround yourself with this magic brings you closer to yourself, to those around you, and to a sound that seems to be in every living thing that is.

Zero Gravity was held again in the Cederberg basin. A vast expanse of land was looked down upon as we danced amongst the rock formations. The Bushman’s Cave Bergteater was the perfect amphitheatre to hold such a special event. With around 400 people, it was intimate, and the Zero Gravity team made the effort to hollow out each space and make it so memorable.

With two stages, one was able to transition from the psychedelic sounds of trance at the Cave stage to the melodic but always fast-grooving sound of techno at the Canyon stage.

There was a chance for people to experiment with sound, as each selector had the opportunity to expand their set list to suit the needs of the crowd at any given moment.

Friday night, the Cave stage was filled with the sound of psy. Robbie Dinnie came in playing a progressively hallucinogenic set; it was cool to hear him play something new whilst taking the crowd on an absolute journey. .m3g played a b2b set with jjaded to warm up for probably one of my favourite sets of the weekend. Mamblls came on to close the Friday festivities with some of the nastiest drum and bass I have ever heard! To see a dance floor move the way it did was really special, and to be in the middle of it all really made the experience just that much more fun!

On Saturday, the sun came out, and we were able to enjoy the full beauty that the Cederberg has to offer. From the cold night before, the sun was a welcome sight.

The evening brought the fast house, hard groove, and some of the darkest psy I have heard in a while. The JustBetweenUs crew brought down some iconic selectors to showcase themselves on the Canyon stage. As always, Novelty brought the energy that everyone had been waiting for. They have this intrinsic ability to come on and lift the energy of any dance floor with their fast breaks and bumping house. Brotha Lee played a b2b set with Gad to bring us the hard groove they just knew would ramp up the crowd. The space filled up very quickly, and they had the dance floor moving into Sunday morning. Closing the showcase, Charles Goldman brought us some pure techno and the sounds of minimal and bass. It was a crazy few hours where I never left the dance floor once.

By this time, the creatures were slowly coming out. The slant up towards the Canyon stage had grown my calves by at least double, but I knew this wouldn’t stop me from making it to the Cave stage. We were met by some dark trance, and as the visual mapping lit up the rock face in front of us, the sound of Nectar carried us towards the sunrise.

The environment around us was a marvel. Magic was found again as each space opened into something new. The Shroom Room was tucked away and out of sight, but stumble across it and you would find a hidden place to rest your head or expand on the things going on around you.

The nooks and crannies also led you to a Lounge at the edge of the world. A couch set out, solitary, yet a place for conversation to take place, or to find yourself late at night, looking up at the stars, talking to the moon. Each moment I spent here was profound. I don’t know if it was the view or just the quiet sound of the wind as it created a stillness, away from the sounds and yet deeper amongst nature, looking over the expanse of land that lay below.

What the Zero Gravity team has created in the Cederberg is beautiful. To see the connection within the intimacy, with each interaction adding to the experience, showed me a commitment to a cause that revolves around music and a pure joy to rave. Those who have experienced this space will agree that Zero Gravity has something special about it, and I cannot wait to see how this event will continue to grow in the future.

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“As the sun emerged life was given back to the land, it was a beautiful feeling after a night in the cold. The music, however, was enough to warm our bones.”