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Written byJosh Raynham

Imagine a seed. In your mind’s eye, you take that seed, gently…

Plant it in soil rich with memories of a time where bare feet once danced. With water from the creek, you give it sips of life. The sun and its rays of light breaking through the trees feed it with its warmth. Imagine a place where that seed will grow, and flourish, in the Valley.

With Kunda Valleys Chapter 2 coming this Spring, we thought we’d talk about what Kunda Valley is, last year’s event and some of what is to come this year.

What is Kunda? Kunda Valley is magic and connection. The space provides nourishment for the soul and peace for the mind. Placed in the heart of the Diepklower Nature Conservancy the space that has been created takes one on a journey of self-discovery, through art, music and dance.

The soul of the community and the mystical beauty of nature are in harmony with one another and provide a space where self-expression is limitless.

Around you, the valleys rise like giants, shrouded in the sunlight that seems to shine even through the trees. The hills fall as far as the eye can see; beckoning you. Getting lost is part of the adventure, really.

Chapter 1:

I remember arriving at Kunda Valley in 2022 and immediately falling in love with the space. Around you, the valleys rise like giants, shrouded in the sunlight that seems to shine even through the trees. The hills fall as far as the eye can see; beckoning you. Getting lost is part of the adventure, really. You search and sometimes you may find, for curiosity fills this space everywhere you go. Each piece of art has been placed with thought so that everywhere you look a story is told, through the mind of another, interpreted by that of the observer. Hidden artefacts litter the space, creating the feeling that somebody once lived there a long time ago.

It was these moments, moments of pure chance, that gave Kunda Valley its aura. Wandering through each space experiencing a unique moment in each.

Yet wondering came at a price. Those of you who experienced the cold last Chapter know the icy touch that the Valley can bring during Winter. Even as bodies moved, wrapped up in a thousand layers, there was always the cold, always the search for warmth… 


Stepping into the yurt became a ritual. Knowing that escape from the cold was met by the warmth coming from the bodies that lay draped across the floor. Intense emotion lay waiting for those who stepped into that spiritual place. Movement of the mind and body. A place where one would enter into and emerge four hours later. The low hum of conversation and smooth vinyl wafting among the bodies out into the night sky.

Walking over into the valley it feels peaceful, you can look out over the hills, watching into the distance at the mountains that rise up. It’s quiet and there seems for a moment, tranquility. Walking down the forest awaits, sound floats up to meet you as you decend further in. The forest stage was nestled into an alleyway of trees. The dust from the floor reflected the light as it shone through the branches. Creating this natural fog machine wafting in between us. As the night fell the lights in the trees illuminated the space. The trees became reflections of color all around us. I remember the stage distinctively being made entirely of windows, a book lay in front of the booth reading lines of music. Each detail planned, coming together as if it were already there. 


Chapter 2:

The page has been turned, and now Chapter 2 begins to reveal new mysteries, only to those who wish to seek them. 

With a quirky nature that encompasses even their ticket sales, Kunda have created a community and language based on their own vision. The Speedy Folk tickets have been depleted, and the flower now begins to grow. Those of us who know that time is fleeting also know how precious that time is: the Timely Folk tickets are still available, yet as we know, nothing lasts forever. 

Something that also doesn’t last forever is the cold. This Chapter sees Kunda move to a time when the flowers begin to bloom. September brings Spring and with it the hope that the sun will bless us with rays of warmth to last us through the long nights. However, we haven’t forgotten the warmth that the yurt offered. The memories are held in a space of love and peace. Yet change is good and so as this Chapter sees growth in the community there is a need for growth in the space. And so, as the festival becomes bigger, so too does the Yurt. With 14 square meters of space, the Yurt offers the chance for the community to get up and stretch their legs a bit more whilst still capturing the essence and emotion the original yurt had last year. 

Filling this Chapter we introduce some of our artists and facilitators who will be impacting the space in the Valley:

Consciousness is what resonates within the Valley, minds intertwine yet do so each on their own journey. Therefore, facilitators have been invited to help guide festival goers through each journey collectively. Breathwork helps achieve a state of calm, to help guide one through difficult thoughts, emotions, and experiences, creating the space to respond with intention and objectivity. This journey is not only through breath but also sound. Sound heals, it connects one with their inner self to help balance the mind, body, and spirit. Sound also leads to movement, to dance and to flow. As one begins to move their body they realize this sensation brings nothing but joy, a peace of mind away from the self-conscious and into the self-loving. Kunda provides this space, where one can bathe in the forests, dance with friends or just drink tea.


The first wave of artist announcements is out and with a fantastic lineup of local DJ’s, live performers and creative facilitators, we’re over the moon to see some of our favourites listed up there. Check it out!

With an incredible offering of engaging and exciting performers and DJ’s, the Kunda team have pulled out all the stops for this one.

Millie Mckee – One of our headlining acts makes her way from Bristol, UK. Millie Mckee’s relentless, no-bounds approach to music has resulted in an impressive knowledge and understanding of jazz, rock, dub, and psychedelia. The recent success of her My Analog Journal mix has enchanted the world with her eclectic, open-hearted style. Her philosophy towards DJing resides in a deep, quasi-spiritual soulfulness, marked by the unexpected and tied together with organic seams. With selections that effortlessly transcend style and genre to create a sonic journey of truly good music, we are thrilled to see her headline this year!

There is so much that the folk at Kunda are doing that we absolutely love. From a community of people who believe in creating a space inside our festival industry and who captures elements of the many things we love about the events scene whilst creating something intrinsically wholesome and focusing on the experience.

We will be covering the build-up to Kunda Valley Chapter Two and all the details around this special place and people. In the mean time, get your Timely Folk ticket!

Get your tickets for Kunda Valley Chapter 2 here!