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Dive in with us as we explore this upcoming weekend.

Bazique is the result of a special annual collaboration among 10 of Cape Town’s most esteemed promoters, creating a unique space for play, dance, laughter, and transformation. With a serious commitment to Cape Town’s artistic community, the 2023 edition involved over 380 creatives, including musicians, installation artists, dancers, and actors, highlighting Bazique’s dedication to inclusivity. This year that vision is growing! 

More than just an event, Bazique is an unforgettable, mind-blowing party. 

Held over a full three days and nights in a location of breathtaking natural beauty. Embrace the entire three-night experience, and allow yourself to fully immerse in this unparalleled and inspirational event.

1. ‘Forest Stage’

Curated by - Into The Wild, Wolfkop Weekender & CTMF and Sexy Groovy Love.

Friday night at Bazique’s Forest Stage sees the highly anticipated return of the Into The Wild Experience crew! Known for their signature blend of psychedelic techno and progressive trance, they’ve been a beloved presence in Cape Town’s outdoor festival scene for years. 

The legendary @jimmytheplate takes centre stage, offering a three-hour journey that his devoted fans can attest to for its profound depth. Accompanied by local legends such as Geometric Flux, and Miles for Mars the hype for this one is building!

Cape Town Electronic Music Festival move in on Saturday for a full-day takeover! True pioneers of Cape Town’s electronic music scene, CTEMF are the visionaries in the scene. With years of experience introducing new sounds and artists, they take over the Main Stage on Saturday night from 8 pm to 8 am. The 12-hour danceathon features international sensation Sasha Carassi, promising an epic night of body movement. 

Sunday sees the grooviest, sexiest, Sexy Groovy Love take over the main stage all the way until 8 pm! Integral to Baziques foundations, SGL will be showcasing names such as Friends of Friends, Floyd Lavine and Lovers.

2. La Fee Verte

Curated By: Diskotekah

The ballroom is calling once more. Hosted by our cherished Diskotekah family La Fee Verte will be illuminating its dancefloor once more on Friday night! Come enjoy a beautifully flamboyant stage show set to an 8-hour sexy soundtrack curated by some of Cape Town’s best DJs.

It’s as fabulous as it gets so come feel the love!


  • Wata Mami

  • Mr Jay b2b Kanan K7

  • Tamara Day

  • El Gordo

  • DJ Diskotekah

  • Jews For Techno

  • Toby2Shoes

  • The Head Gardener

  • Mike Glass

3. Tropical Roast

Curated By: Tropical Roast

Embrace the Buenos Aires spirit with ‘Fiesta Sin Frenos’ at the Tropical Roast stage– a wild, energetic dancefloor experience full of body music and greenery. If you can’t get in the front, sneak around the back for a night you’ll never forget. Having absolutely sent it Down South for FTDS in a ‘pre-Bazique’ warm-up, the Roast family and friends are packing a punch.


  • Disc-Lexa

  • Yo-Gurt

  • Abby Nurock

  • Elk

  • Ben Tov

  • Dirty Disco Records

  • Sion

  • Housewife

  • GIZ

  • Karoo

  • LHO

  • Los Jetson

  • Resident DTK

  • Raveheart

  • BlaqKongo

  • Toby2Shoes

  • Faffa Bruwer

  • Super Friends

4. Café Caliente

Curated by - Bridges For Music and William’s Events

Café Caliente made a massive impact in its first year, celebrating Latin electronic music in style. This year, Bazique is looking to expand its horizons with Afro-house, Amapiano, and World Electronic joining the Latin Beats. On Friday night and Saturday daytime, Bridges for Music takes the stage with an enticing mix of afro grooves. Saturday night, hosted by William Oliveira Events features funky, hip-swaying Latino DJs. Sunday brings a rhythm of world electronica to ease you into a blissful last night! 

5. Frivolitea

Curated by: Frogtown & Liminil

Get ready to move your body in every direction as the new kids on the Cape Town Drum and Bass block, Frog Town, make their mark. Known for throwing high-energy parties in the Southern Peninsula, they’re set to bring the heat to Bazique, hosting Friday in the new Frivolitea D ‘n B tent.

On Saturday, the spotlight shifts to the brilliant @liminildnb, a foundational part of the resurgent Cape Town Drum and Bass scene, taking over the tent with their infectious beats.

Anticipate the bass to drop as these two crews showcase their prowess – it’s a Drum and Bass experience at Bazique that you won’t want to miss!

6. Lazy Beats

Curated by: Summer Camp

Introducing Lazy Beats, a captivating feature of Bazique’s event lineup, curated by the renowned Summer Camp crew. Step into a world of laid-back vibes, plush seating, and inviting dance floors.

Immerse yourself in a journey where all the music pulsates below 108 BPM, gradually easing into mesmerizing psybient tunes as the night unfolds. Whether you’re winding down or still seeking that rhythmic energy, Lazy Beats offers the perfect sanctuary.

Prepare your senses for a musical journey at Bazique, where the green fields resonate with an eclectic mix of sounds. From the upbeat rhythms of up-tempo and down-tempo to the pulsating beats of techno and house, the nostalgic tunes of old disco and the groovy vibes of nu disco – Bazique promises a smorgasbord of auditory delights.

Dive into the frays of unconventional beats, feel the resonance of doof doof, sway to the infectious melodies of amapiano, and explore the diverse landscapes of the world of electronica. Bazique goes beyond the ordinary, introducing wonky gongs and soothing Buddhist mantras, creating a truly diverse and immersive sonic experience that reflects the festival’s commitment to musical exploration and celebration.

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