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Written byNick Trethowan

Photos byYulia S. Hugo

Granadilla Makes Waves with Art-Fashion Fusion at Cape Town Art Fair.

Splashing onto the scene at the Cape Town Art Fair is a collaboration that’s making waves – quite literally. Granadilla, synonymous with sun-soaked days and poolside cool, dives headfirst into the realm of art-meets-fashion with an ethos and drop as vibrant as the city’s seaside hues.

Teaming up with the enigmatic Marlene Steyn, whose art draws from the depths of the mystical and the whispers of the ocean, Granadilla unveils a collection that blurs the boundaries between swimwear and canvas. It’s a partnership that’s been brewing beneath the surface for a while, waiting for the perfect tide to crest. And with Marlene’s ethereal creations seamlessly melding into Granadilla’s signature garments, the wait has been well worth it.

The limited edition lineup showcases two of Marlene’s mesmerizing pieces transposed onto a range of swim essentials – from sleek shorts to statement full-piece costumes, even down to embroidered tees and towels that double as wearable art. Each item, a canvas in its own right, invites exploration, with Marlene’s dreamscapes unfurling across the fabric, promising a visual voyage where every glance reveals a new wonder.

But Granadilla’s plunge into the art world doesn’t end with fabric alone. Complementing the collection are visuals that blur the line between fantasy and reality, capturing the essence of Marlene’s mystique through the lens of photographer Yulia S. Hugo. Accompanying this visual symphony is a poetic ode penned by none other than Marlene’s sister, Christi Steyn, adding another layer to the narrative woven between dream and waking.

My Perfect Night

“You tell me you like the planets in my eyes and
I become the moon you manifested when you
made me feel like Venus
bodies are swaying
giggling as if we have a secret
tonight we are dolphins”
~ Christi Steyn

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