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Written byJosh Raynham

With the successful return of Rolling Retro in 2022 the much-anticipated vintage surf comp is returning to the shores of Llandudno for another epic day out in the sun!

On the 16th of April, you will be finding me parked under an umbrella on one of Cape Town’s most prestigious beaches. Llandudno is a break of many variations and as proved by last year’s monster swell one can never quite know what to expect when suiting up and sliding out one of the many single or twin-fin beauties which are on offer to ride for the competition. Last year’s Rolling Retro 500 saw Cape Town producing some beautiful weather and a day spent tanning underneath the baking sun. It was the perfect combination of lay-on-you-back weather whilst watching some shredding being done out on the water.

The competition saw Marcus Phitides take the Handjob Bodysurfing heat with some spinning takeoffs to impress the crowd. Followed by the kneeboarders it was a hard-fought heat with Jedd McNealage taking the “Explosive Award” for some gnarly late drops, but it was Finlay Shellhorn who walked away with the custom Pierre De Villiers kneeboard. With the swell BIG, the level of surfing was quite a spectacle to watch. It was an impressive turnout with the” Super Style Award” going to Jonathan Khun, the “Best Girl Award” going to Kira Hofmeyer, “Best Tube” to Andrew Laverge, and Harry Mosi taking the “Best Wipeout Award”- which in hindsight should’ve gone to everyone because there were some of the gnarliest wipeouts I’ve ever seen. But taking the top prize and “Best Surfer Award” was Stellenbosch surfer Steff Burrows who charged hard in the big conditions. I’m expecting this year there will be some hard-fought competition and sights set on hitting some sneaky airs and dropping into some hollowed-out tubes to claim whatever prize Vudu has cooking up.

As always Rolling Retro is all about fun. This year the format has changed slightly and now allows you to surf with your friends in a team format. So, get the homies together into a team of five, come up with a team name, and surf your heat together. There will be another team in the water, and it’ll be a head-to-head for a 30-minute heat. The two teams who impress the most will be put into a final at the end of the day to face off in classic Rolling Retro style. The variety of boards on offer adds to the team experience, where each member can ride one of the single fins, twinnies, thrusters, or logs, not forgetting those who enjoy surfing a bit closer to the water on the kneeboards as well.

The event is all about celebrating surfing heritage and Llandudno’s beautiful white sandy beach culture. Who doesn’t like a day out with a beer in hand – thanks to the friends at Sweet River Brewery – watching some epic surfing and ending it all off with a groovy DJ set as you watch the sun dip below the horizon. From my experience from last year, I know this event is not one to be missed, so come Sunday bring your umbrellas, sun cream, and stoke for a day of classy surfing and the vibrant energy Rolling Retro always seems to provide!

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