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Written byJosh Raynham

Like a breath of fresh air, MARSHALL STAIN breezes in with a tastefully crafted “OFFER(ing)”.

Fresh off the release of his EP “Villain You Love” Marshall Stain is setting new heights with this offering of Afro-fusion combining elements from Amapiano, Afrobeats, Dancehall, to Reggaeton, new age R&B, and soulful Jazz. A five-track release with no features Stain is able to apply his musical prowess by mixing these various genres to create his own unique style and sound. Speaking on the release Stain tells a story of coming to peace with the fact that he is the villain in someone else’s love story.

Born from South Africa Marshall Stain brings an energy which stems straight from the motherland. His ability to bend genres into one cohesive track shows a passion for the influences of not only international sounds but local sounds as well.

The opening track “OFFER” speaks of the contemplation one goes through when attempting to balance out the pros and cons of an intimate relationship. One truly feels a deep connection with the self in this track as it allows a glance into not only the mind of the artist but also one’s own mind as well. The overlay of cello in the initial part of the track eases the listener into the song’s main body which adds in the classic Afro-beat rhythm to allow for some more sensual movement. The song eases back down for the final outro allowing the soulful sound of the saxophone to ground you in the essence of the meaning of the song, this back-and-forth struggle we often find ourselves in when trying to balance between our feelings towards those who we love.

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