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Written bySaien Benjamin

Introducing our 2nd opening act for Up Close and Personal!

Introducing Our 2nd opening act for Up Close and Personal!

Our second performer Lúa is a multi-talented artist from Cape Town with magical vocals that will touch your soul, with her thoughtful, introspective lyricism. She is an incredible songwriter who tells a story that is truly authentic to herself through her music.  

Lúa has been actively making music for two years but has already made a huge impact in a relatively short time. As a testament to the incredible talent she possesses, her first live performance was at South African superstar singer Rowlene’s event, the Rowlene Experience. Her live performances are transformative journeys, tugging at the very core of our hearts.

Her musical journey began when a friend gifted her a piano during her time in high school. Describing music as being a form of therapy for her, Lúa started by putting melodies to her poetry. This poetic nature is still evident in the brilliant way she crafts her songs and her evocative way with words which she showcases in her songwriting.

Lúa embodies a captivating essence that defies categorization. She effortlessly encompasses a multitude of dimensions, presenting a powerful blend of raw emotions and ethereal melodies. Her artistry is a profound experience, delicately intertwining words and harmonies to create a tapestry that is both weighty and restorative.

“Trust your intuition, before anything. The way to stand out, is to stay grounded in your truth. Experiment, put yourself in spaces and next to people that challenge your comfort- embrace growth, embrace the journey.” – Lúa

As she prepares to unveil her debut masterpiece, “GODTHEMOTHER,” Lúa steps confidently into the spotlight. Oscillating gracefully between different facets of her being, she fearlessly reveals her true self to the world. Her masterful lyricism and songwriting will resonate with even the most discerning of listeners.

Her velvety vocals, accompanied by rhythmic delivery, serve as a guiding force leading us toward a sacred destination: a realm of love and illumination. Her melodies possess a gentleness that soothes the soul, creating an enchanting atmosphere of introspection and self-discovery.

In her presence, she invites us to embrace the intricate interplay of light and darkness within ourselves, ultimately unveiling the transformative power of love. With each note Lúa utters, she weaves a soulful narrative that uplifts all who encounter her art.

So make sure you come through to The Commons on the 3rd of June and witness what we know will be a transcendent performance that will leave you inspired. Lúa’s charisma and energy are sure to move you. Join us for a magical evening of Music from Lúa and the rest of our talented lineup!

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