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Written byAlex Short

In a cross pollination of genre and style, Fat Ghandi’s Only Till Dawn is a build of emotion and mood perfectly capturing the good moments in life

Ryan Stopforth has been a known contributor to the Cape Town local music scene in a multitude of dynamic bands including Hartleyvale, Raan and The Raans, SoulPunk and Smokey Lavender. In his odyssey across different genres and styles, he’s now creating magic in the House and Electronic scene. Perhaps overdue, Only Till Dawn is his debut EP as an indie-electronic producer released under the name Fat Ghandi.

If you’re true to an album’s art and don’t shuffle, you’ll first be treated with ‘Catalina Wine Mixer’ – a heavy, bass and beat filled track that feels like an easy next essential on a night out playlist. However, Fat Ghandi doesn’t stick to a pattern and  ‘Summer Love’ feels lighter, a track that places you in an easy late afternoon, sunset glow. With yearning, soulful guitar that seems to speak even if there aren’t any lyrics there, this track hooks us as an easy favourite.

‘Only Till Dawn’ seems to be the compromise between the other two tracks, a mood suited to the early hours of the morning when things feel quieter. It’s a perfect mixture of balancing both beat and softness, leaving an equal impact in both.

The EP refuses to fit a mould, taking from experiences across a wide range of influences. Being self-taught in producing, mixing and mastering has given Fat Ghandi control over his art and the ability to execute it in unique ways.

Only Till Dawn seems to us to be perfectly rounded and electric thanks to the experience and multi-instrumental talents behind its sound. When asked, Stopforth said this is just the beginning of his ventures into the genre and we can’t wait to see what the Fat Ghandi sound graces us with next.

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