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Written byJosh Raynham

“The language of ropes will leave you spellbound in this mesmerising performance.”

On an island in Malta Bored Peach Club was birthed. Shaped to grow a community of artists, creatives and dreamers. And since its conception one year ago, this project has begun to transmute itself and broaden its horizons.

Beginning as an artist in residency program, which runs yearly, the club houses artists in a beautiful Gozitan Farmhouse in Gozo, Malta. The program was created to forge inspiration among its hosts, artists from all over the world, who come to stay. During which, they run workshops and programs to connect with the local community on the island.

Outside the walls of the house, the Bored Peach Club ventures into a space of curating and crafting unique experiences and events to connect community and open minds. They aim to collaborate with artists of all forms. Curating experiences centred around art, creativity and expression.

Now hosting their first Cape Town event “Bound” on April 13th, Bored Peach Club is offering a space to allow for an evening of exploration in collaboration with Shibari South Africa. Savour this evening of enchantment and discovery into the realm of kink.

Founder of Shibari South Africa, Iris-Moon, a multifaceted individual, a passionate and experienced Reiki practitioner, Intuitive Progression Therapist, Shibari Facilitator and Space Holder loves nothing more than helping others on their journey towards wellness and self-discovery. Step into a world where boundaries are pushed yet held in the safeness of self-discovery and passion. 

The vintage Tudor-style hotel situated at 196 Victoria Road, Woodstock offers itself up for the evening. Here, you can grace your eyes on some provocative artworks by Bored Peach Club. Treat your taste buds to the delightful offerings of Plushi Sushi, available to order, and take a sip from the opulent bar hidden within its listening room. During the evening, there will also be a pop-up exhibition featuring the works of Bored Peach Club represented artists along with Cape Town resident artist Stuart Dodds. 

Whether you’re a curious singularity searching for abundance or a coupled unity, you’re warmly invited to “Bound“, where restraint and desire intertwine.

Got an idea? Get in touch with the BPC at – check out their website and subscribe to keep informed about their constant rotation of competitions and opportunities for artists. 

Also coming out in April is their online shop – peruse the variety of artists on show and pick up the essence of the Bored Peach Club!

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