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Keepin’ warm tho.

But not for much longer, as the roads out of winter takes us further away from the storms and closer to Spring and Summer.

Winter has been a long and cold slog this year. A lot of us have been feeling pretty miserable in this awful weather. Fortunately, we are beginning to journey towards spring and on to the warm embrace of summer. In commemoration of winter slowly drawing to a close I decided to put together some groovy song recommendations to ring in the much-needed change of seasons that awaits us. From Dutch and Nigerian collaboration on Afrobeat to Amapiano to Indie Punk, we have you covered for a selection of different tastes.

1. ‘Serenity’

Travis Allen

Renowned music producers and DJs This is Lema and Travis Allen collaborated on the vibe-filled single “Serenity,” featuring Dutch singer Kyara Shereen and Nigerian artist Man like Maz. Addressing trust struggles in relationships, the Afro-based track blends contemporary and Afrobeat elements, balancing melancholic energy with high-energy hooks. Its relatable, introspective lyrics offer an emotional and inspiring listening experience. The single is a preview of This is Lema & Travis Allen’s EP “Evolve,” showcasing Afro-based sounds with global vocal talents. The artists aim to connect with listeners and aid them through tough times. The inclusion of Kyara Shereen and Man like Maz adds a unique dimension to the song. Available on major streaming platforms, “Serenity” underscores the duo’s ability to craft meaningful music, hinting at more releases to come.

2. ‘Higher’


After wowing crowds at AfroNation Miami and opening for Burna Boy, NISSI, the London-based Nigerian artist, unveiled ‘HIGHER.’ This soulful track blends her exceptional vocals, empowering lyrics, and infectious beats, delivering an anthem of self-belief and resilience. Reflecting her experiences, ‘Higher’ encourages embracing life stages with diligence. NISSI’s potent vocals lead a journey of hope and self-discovery, celebrating the human spirit and inspiring listeners to surpass obstacles. The song’s inspiration lies in personal growth and empowerment, resonating with anyone who dares to dream and exceed limits.

3. ‘Snakes’


London-based singer, songwriter and producer YAOUNDÉBOXINGCLUB has gained great momentum since she released her debut EP I Thought I Knew You, Boy Was I Wrong back in March 2023. Although she’s known for combining indie, alternative and bedroom pop with sprinkles of folk, her latest offering “SNAKES” is an indie punk track with elements of grunge that will win the hearts of early 00’s mainstream rock/metal fans. 

Lyrically, she sings about being surrounded by the wrong people and trying to navigate life despite this. Her melodic verses build a lot of tension before an anthemic chorus with huge riffs and relentless energy

“I wrote the song in about an hour, hence why it’s quite simplistic lyrically. It pretty much speaks for itself, and it’s something I needed to get off my chest. Sonically, it’s quite different from what I’ve done so far, but it’s pretty much inspired by all the music that I grew up listening to: Sum 41, Blink-182, Fall Out Boy then State Champs, The Story So Far and ROAM.” — YAOUNDÉBOXINGCLUB

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